We value our patients’ experience at Virginia Family Chiropractic PLLC. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Cameron Hatam

Jack McCalman

 “I have gone to a lot of doctor’s office and I have found this office to be one of the most impressive and professional offices I have had the pleasure of dealing with. The office is clean; the staff professional, the doctor super (i.e. super doctor) + it is open on time. I have never had to wait for an appt (i.e. 9 am to see the doctor at 10:30) like I have had to endure at other Doctors offices.

Keep up the good work!”

Erin Doyle 10/6/09

“The Virginia Family Chiropractic staff has been very accommodating to all of my chiropractic needs. I have been seeing Doctor Cameron Hatam for several months now due to a muscle spasm that I had in my neck. Since seeing him, I have felt exponentially better. I now get adjusted once a week.  They are very good about providing a schedule that suits your availability. Overall, they are quick, reliable and efficient. I am very happy with my treatments thus far and will continue to get my services here for the duration of my stay in Alexandria.”

Laura Miller 10/7/09

“Following a car accident, I was suffering pain and stiffness in my back and neck, as well as numbness and tingling on the right side of my body.

I tried to book an appointment with another medical provider, but after being on hold for nearly 15 minutes, I was told that the soonest they could see me was two weeks away. I then called the Alexandria office of Virginia Family Chiropractic, and immediately reached a human being. I asked, “By any miracle, could somebody possibly see me today?” The answer was, “Of course, there is always a possibility! When would you like to come in?” I couldn’t believe it!

From day one the doctors and staff were friendly, caring and professional. On my first visit, they took x-rays right there in their own office and developed them right away. They showed me the x-rays and explained the problems they observed and how whiplash impacts the body. They developed a personalized treatment plan, with scheduled periods of re-evaluation and revision of that treatment plan.

I appreciate that I have never been kept waiting for my appointment. Usually I am in and out of the office in about a half hour, which a busy person like me really appreciates.

They bill my auto insurance directly (I have medical coverage). I was grateful for that because I already have enough paperwork to deal with as a result of the car accident.

Perhaps most important, the chiropractic treatments have helped me regain mobility and reduce the levels of pain in my body.

If only every medical office were as friendly, well-organized, and professional as Virginia Family Chiropractic!”

Michael Warnecke 11/1/09

“When I came to Virginia Family Chiropractic (Alexandria), I was in severe pain. In just a few visits, they got me back to normal. Dr. Hatam has been particularly helpful.  Through ongoing therapy, he has helped prevent a recurrence of my pain.  I found this clinic to be effective, and Dr. Hatam and the other staff to be professional and accessible.”

Donza Cole 03/31/2010

“Virginia Family Chiropractic is a fabulous practice. The family in the title of the office is true. They make you feel like family! Dr. Hatam makes you feel totally revived and free of pain after a visit with him. I highly recommend this doctors office to anyone wanting to escape back and neck pain!”

Amanda J. Reese 04/09/2010

“My experience here has been pleasant and positive. I feel I am in the best care possible and have complete faith in Dr. Jason and his staff. The atmosphere is pleasant and realxing and I am grateful that I was able to stumble across this practice”

Viviana Fuentes 04/09/2010

“El tratamiento de virginia family chiropractic me ha ayugada vastante despues de mi accidente. El doctor Jason me ha tratado de maravilla. El ambiente es tranquillo y reijante. Hoy tengo menos dolor y siento que estoy en 10 mejor de mi salud.

“The treatment at VFC has helped me tremendously after my accident. Dr. Jason has treated me greatly. The enviroment is always soothing and relaxing. Today I have a lot less pain and I feel like my health is at its best.”

Marie A. Case 04/09/2010

“My experience with the office staff, Ms. Mayerlin Guevara and Dr. Shahverdi have been outstanding. They are caring, friendly, dedicated professionals who make every visit wonderful. They are compassionate medical professionals who understand that each patient is in some kind of pain, and they help us with each visit in addressing the pain areas. If I did not have them, im not sure what I would do! They are great! Keep the same great staff you have now at the Woodbridge office and I’ll keep coming and referring others as well! Thank you!

Ruben Martinez 04/09/2010

“My experience at Virginia Family Chiropractic was like visiting the family. I felt very welcome. The smiles from the secretary really made it feel more like home and Dr. Shahverdi felt like a good friend. The procedures were well organized. DEFINETELY GREAT”

Keishan Dillon 04/10/2010

“Overall no complaints! Caring people. I leave feeling better very time!”

Sharon Rodriguez 04/10/2010

“I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Shahverdi and his assistant. I came in with a level 9-10 pain and now I only feel a level 1-2. The customer service is great!”

Cynthia Donnley 04/09/2010

“Everything is great they are all good!”

Laura Elliott 04/13/2010

” I knew from my very first visit in March that I would be a long term patient of Dr. Jason’s. I believe that chiropractic maintenance is a life long committment to achieve good health. I am already feeling relief in my neck and lower back. Dr. Jason takes as much time as I need to address all my bodily aches and pains. And to make my experience even better- I love interacting with Karla and Stephanie”