Falls Church

“I’ve been to 2 of the 4 offices… Alexandria and Falls Church… Any where Dr Peterson is at! To be included with Dr Peterson, the team is genuine Friendly, knowledgeable, caring and true Experts in the field!

It’s a in the neck to find a great chirchiropractor!”

– Michael S

“I had been enduring moderate neck pain, a limited range of motion in my neck and the occasional pinched nerve for years. After a few weeks of treatment at Virginia Family Chiropractic (Falls Church), I noticed a dramatic improvement. I’m almost done with treatment and I have no neck pain, a full range of motion and don’t even have a stiff neck after being hunched over riding a bike for hours. I just wish I had done this years ago!”

– Matthew R

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“Dr. Will and his entire staff are absolutely wonderful! I look forward to each and every visit. I have started going to Virginia Family Chiropractic to see Dr. Will due to persistent back pain and severe neck spasms causing constant headaches. After my initial consultation, treatment began right away. I left the office feeling better and, from that day on, I have not had one headache or neck spasm! I have also been sleeping and sitting better! My healing process has a long way to go, but with each visit, I can see the improvements.

Dr. Will is always available for any questions I may have and makes sure I understand everything we are doing. I am excited about getting my children signed on with him as well!”

– Kimberly B

“I am very pleased with the services at the Virginia Family Chiropractic in Woodbridge. It has a wonderful Chiropractor(s), very professional and friendly staff. I appreciate the reminder appointments confirmation notices, which allows flexibility in case there is change(s) in the schedule. The equipment and tools are very suitable for meeting specific needs. I am impressed with the many of people who come in for treatments — this shows the high level of quality services that gives clients confidence in recovering.”

– Shirley B

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“My wife and I started going to Virginia Family Chiropractic a year or two ago with back pain. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hatam and the staff. My wife is now free of the the specific pain she was having and Dr. Hatam correctly diagnosed the source of my back pain as a hip problem. I’ve since had a hip replacement and moving better than I have been in years. The practice has physical therapy and just introduced a massage therapist on site. My wife bought a half hour massage for me as a gift and I loved it. Thanks, Dr. Hatam and Virginia Family Chiropractic!”

– Kevin H

“I decided a few weeks ago to complement my physical therapy with a massage. I was full of suspense because this would be my first massage. You exceeded my expectations!

I made another decision when I got home: I called to schedule a 60-minute massage, one a month. And, I must add that the masseuse took her time, which I greatly appreciated.

Keep up the good work!”

– Demetri D

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“Dr Reynolds and Gloria are a great team over in Manassas I have struggled with extreme lower back pain for a long time and ever since I have gone to see Dr Reynolds, I have truly been amazed at how much my quality of life has improved. I am thoroughly and extremely satisfied with the service that he and his assistant Gloria provide each and every time that I go in for an appointment.

I would recommend Dr Reynolds to all my friends and family.”

– Rafael M

“I was skeptical, and a little nervous, about trying a chiropractor for the first time. I requested an appointment online on a Sunday and was able to be seen on Monday!! Dr. Dale made me feel very comfortable about everything and was very friendly. The pain in my neck was gone almost immediately after my first adjustment. I still have some lingering pain, but I feel like it gets better after each visit. I actually find myself looking forward to my next adjustment!”

– Stephanie H

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